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Jeff McLinden — Marketing & Communications Specialist

A Colorado Springs-based fundraising and marketing consultant, author, speaker and trainer, Jeff McLinden has worked in the areas of resource development and marketing for nonprofit institutions since 1979 including senior roles in development, creative marketing and management for Campus Crusade for Christ, The Christian Broadcasting Network,  Bible Literature International and Bibles For The World. In 1988, Jeff was awarded recognition for exemplary service as a Development Professional by the Development Association for Christian Institutions.

After joining premier consulting group McConkey-Johnston International in 1992, Jeff helped a broad variety of clients in many areas of development, communications and organizational change.  He also developed award-winning communications plans and programs and raised millions as a copywriter for such nonprofit leaders as Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Howard Dayton, founder of Crown Financial Ministries, author and former president of WorldVenture, Hans Finzel, along with many others.

Jeff owned his own marketing services company, Wordsmith Marketing, LLC which was founded in 2008.  Wordsmith provided a variety of creative services, but specializes in branding and rebranding strategies for organizations, as well as creating Internet marketing strategies designed to engage prospects and customers for businesses and nonprofit organizations using unique Internet-based technologies.  You can find out more by visiting Wordsmith Marketing, LLC.  Wordsmith brings more than three decades of experience in marketing and development communications strategies, such as organizational branding strategies, direct mail fund-raising, development publications, and the creation and management of donor involvement programs. Jeff has been a frequent leader of seminars on these topics at professional development conferences such as those sponsored by the Christian Stewardship Association and Evangelical Development Ministry.

Along with Barry McLeish, Jeff is also founder of Raising-Support.com, an online resource center for missionaries and Christian workers who need help raising funds for their ministry assignments.

Jeff received his degree in Marketing and Communications from Miami University and lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and family.

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  1. There is a brilliant emlpxae of excellent fundraising in series 3 (I think) of The Wire when the Boxing trainer is asking major drug baron Avon for some money to kit out his gym. He provides a list of what he needs, which includes new punch bags, appropriate clothes for his trainees to wear in matches and promises that Avon will have his photo above the door. Avon asks him how much he wants and he hesitates and looks very nervous. $10,000 he stutters…Avon looks at his 2nd in command and bursts out laughing. $10,000! he cries. Boxing guy looks disappointed. 2nd in command goes next door and gives him the money straight away, in cash. Avon was obviously expecting to be asked for $100,000+. A pleasant surprise all round.